About us

Eshoper team has more than 7 years of experience in developing web and e-commerce solutions for individual business needs.

We develop Magento and WooCommerce e-commerce projects by our customers needs and goals.

  • We specialize in Magento platform development of unique designs and solutions.
  • Our created eshops and specific modules are stable, functional and has real benefit to teh customers.
  • We have implemented various process of automatization and sinchronization with ERP and  accouting systems

Magento online shop development

Emolus is a company that has been operating for more than 25 years, its main activity is wholesale and retail of garden and garden products..

A unique, individual design solution that meets the client's audience has been designed and developed.

Online store is tailored for the wholesale and retail consumer. Smooth, day-to-day business operations are ensured by automatic system synchronization. All necessary information about the goods, their descriptions, photo photos, prices and balances are constantly updated.

Individually adjusted shipping prices according to needs. (In Latvia and Estonia, by postcode, in Lithuania by weight of goods).

To improve the consumer's shopping experience, specific functionalities have been created, notifications about items left in the basket, and seed sowing calendars.

Online the store complies with GDPR requirements (anonymization of orders and all information about the buyer if the customer deletes his account)

If you have any questions about your individual project, get in touch!

LP EXPRESS module for Magento 2 platform

  • Easy and convenient module installation and administration
  • The widest parcel delivery network in Lithuania
  • Shipping conditions adaptation for your needs

Try the new one and free LP EXPRESS module for Magento 2 platform and grow your e-business!

We invite you to leave a short message and we will contact you!

We invite you to leave a short message and we will contact you!